Meet Our Team

Rob NahoopiiRob Nahoopii, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

Experience as a Director of Pharmacy for a 400-bed DSH hospital, also served as a Regional Director of Pharmacy. Rob has presented at many 340B University sessions and on the topic of 340B at numerous other conferences around the country. He has provided many external 340B audits for various covered entity types and onsite support for multiple 340B HRSA audits. Rob is part of our 340B independent auditing team and also supports our maintenance clients and 340B implementation. His perspective is from front line pharmacy leadership and program compliance.

Rob NahoopiiRich Bucher, JD, RPh, 340B ACE

Pharmacist with experience in pharmacy leadership, compliance, and contracting for a large healthcare organization and for a large regional health plan. This includes practical experience dealing with operational, compliance, and legal issues associated with managing a system-wide 340B Program. Also, over 10 years of legal practice experience, including in health care law and contracting. Rich has presented on 340B and other health care compliance topics at numerous conferences. Rich has conducted many external 340B audits and provided consultation for various covered entity types, including providing onsite support during HRSA audits. Rich is a lead auditor on our 340B independent auditing team, oversees legal and compliance issues, and provides client contract and policy/procedure reviews.

Rob NahoopiiRich Iverson, PMP, 340B ACE

Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years of healthcare and project management experience. Rich’s background is in finance and budgeting. He had accountability as a pharmacy project manager for 6-340B eligible sites within a large Integrated Delivery Network. He works closely with pharmacy and hospital leadership, compliance, legal, IT, and vendors. He will lead implementation of covered entities and contract pharmacies and is part of our 340B independent auditing team. His perspective is from finance, implementation, and operations.

Jennifer Hagen

Jennifer Hagen, PharmD, 340B ACE

Jennifer Hagen joined the Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions team in October of 2016.  She has served in various pharmacy leadership positions including Director of Ambulatory Pharmacy Services for CentraCare Health for over 5 years.  Responsibilities included oversight of Infusion Pharmacy Services, the Health System’s four retail pharmacies, and 340B compliance. Jennifer served as a HRSA 340B peer-to-peer mentor from 2013-2016 and has presented numerous times for 340B University and chaired round table events for 340B Health.  Jennifer is a member of our 340B independent auditing team and is director of compliance and development.  Her perspective involves rural health program administration.

Rob NahoopiiAnnie Nahoopii, PharmD, 340B ACE

Experience as a pharmacist for over 18 years. Annie supports various data processing projects and data reviews, including contract pharmacy and split billing systems. Her clinical knowledge and database skills provide a unique clinical and technical expertise that results in a high level of compliance and accuracy. Annie also conducts 340B audits and support. Her perspective is from compliance and operations.

Roxie Nevarez, CPhT, 340B ACE

Experience as a pharmacy technician for 9 years, 4 of which have been spent in the “dark trenches” of 340B. Roxie’s background includes front line healthcare, pharmacy database management, as well as 340B corporate compliance within a 22 hospital system. She loves the 340B program and is very passionate about compliance. Roxie is part of our independent 340B auditing team and provides data expertise. Her perspective, like Jen, is compliance and data management.

Rob NahoopiiChelsea Reeve, BS

Director of Operations with over 14 years of experience with leadership, training, human resources, and management.  She has held various roles as a Director, allowing her to help with the growth and development of several companies.  Chelsea is a genuine, dedicated and reliable individual with a fun personality and great communication skills.  She has built lasting relationships with clients and helped them trust in their company operations.

Jenifer Cook, CPhT, 340B ACE

Experience as a pharmacy technician specializing in hospital pharmacy. Jen’s background includes front line healthcare, pharmacy database management, as well as 340B corporate compliance within a 22 hospital system. Jen loves that her work makes an impact on communities, organizations, and families. Jen is part of our independent 340B auditing team and provides data expertise. Her perspective is compliance and data management.

Megan Kussay, RPh, 340B ACE

Lead pharmacist auditor, and provides onsite support for audits.  She will also provide remote support for audits when other auditing staff are on-site for smaller hospitals and clinics. Megan most recently served as the 340B compliance officer and clinical pharmacist at a large Community Health Center. Prior to her time at the Community Health Center, Megan was responsible for establishing, managing, and the successful growth of the first contract pharmacy within her then thirty plus National Specialty Pharmacy chain.  In addition, Megan served as pharmacy manager and peer mentor. Megan also has experience with Ryan White clinics and Federally Qualified Health clinics. Her experience in the contract pharmacy and clinic space adds a broader experience base to our team.

Angela Whitney, RPh

Angela Whitney has 27 years of hospital pharmacy experience. She has served in various leadership roles for hospitals ranging in size from a Critical Access Hospital to a large Level I Trauma Center. Her positions have included Corporate Pharmacy Manager, Director of Pharmacy, Inpatient Operations and Clinical Manager. Her experience includes managing a system-wide Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, writing corporate policies and procedures, and conducting mock Joint Commission inspections to ensure compliance with the Medication Management standards. Prior to joining Turnkey, she spent six years implementing and managing the operations of a Centralized Service Center that provided packaging services, sterile and non-sterile compounding, and low unit of measure distribution to 22 hospitals and 185 clinics spanning 500 miles across two states. Under her direction they successfully completed six DEA audits, two state audits, and a six-day audit by the FDA without findings. Her areas of expertise include compliance along with pharmacy and supply chain operations.

Felicity Homsted, PharmD, MBA, 340B ACE

Lead pharmacist auditor, provides support for onsite audits. Felicity served as Chief Pharmacy Officer at a Federally Qualified Health Center from 2012-2018, responsible for four retail pharmacies, integrated clinical pharmacy services, three pharmacy residency programs and 340B program management. Felicity was also Chief Pharmacy Officer for Community Care Partnership of Maine, an accountable care organization comprised of 11 different health systems, where she supported pharmacy operations and 340B compliance for all member organizations. Felicity represented her entity as a HRSA 340B leading practice peer to peer site during 2013 to 2015. Felicity served as a subject matter expert for the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor program, speaking as faculty at 340B University on contract and in-house pharmacy operations, authoring the contract pharmacy modules for the 340B ACE Operations Certificate. She has presented on 340B program operations and compliance at 340B Coalition, National Association of Community Health Centers, and American Pharmacy Association meetings.

Jacob Thompson, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

An experienced pharmacy executive with an accountable and innovative track record creating and implementing key strategies in clinical, operational, and business aspects of healthcare.  As a past Regional Director responsible for six 340B covered entities, he has vast experience managing 340B programs from very large DSH hospitals (400+ beds) to Critical Access Hospitals.  While successfully passing two clean HRSA audits, he tripled the 340B value resulting in greater than $100M+ of 340B savings.  Jake has extensive experience in optimizing the 340B program through day to day administration and compliance, program optimization tactics, and strategic growth tactics.  He has held numerous national 340B leadership positions and been a strong advocate for the 340B program.

Heidi Larson, PharmD, 340B ACE

Lead pharmacist auditor, provides onsite support for audits.  She will also provide remote support for audits when other auditing staff are on-site for smaller hospitals and clinics.  Heidi served as the Pharmacy Business Operations and Revenue Manager from 2012-2019, responsible for pharmacy drug procurement and contracts, vaccine programs, pharmacy budget and formularies, pharmacy revenue cycle, the medication prior authorization program, patient assistance programs, new business development, and had residency management rotation responsibilities. She also served as a voting member on several various hospital committees and worked closely with the electronic health record analysts as a certified EHR pharmacist. In addition, she restructured and maintained compliance of the health system’s 340B program which is comprised of a 484-bed academic DSH hospital.  Heidi represented her entity as a HRSA 340B leading practice peer to peer site during 2012-16, was faculty at 340B University speaking on the GPO Prohibition and Hot Topics until 2016, has presented on numerous 340B webinars and was a contributor to the Apexus 340B On-Demand series.

Nate Raney, CPhT, 340B ACE

Senior 340B Data Analyst, provides pre-audit support for pharmacist auditors and analyzes drug utilization to look for ways to optimize program savings. Nate served as the 340B auditor for a Critical Access Hospital where he maintained compliance to allow the entity to optimize savings annually. Using his operational knowledge of the 340B program, Nate moved to a 340B auditing firm where he helped over 80 covered entities (i.e. Rural Hospitals, DSHs, and FQHCs) meet 340B compliance standards. Nate also helped these entities increase their savings by capturing referral provider scripts. As a teammate of Turnkey, Nate will utilize his previous experiences to continue to assist clients with program optimization. Nate has spoken at regional conferences discussing hot topics in 340B compliance, savings, increases, and program optimization in general.

Jasmine Muniz-Cadorette, 340B ACE

Lead auditor to provide onsite and remote support to clients. Experience with 340B program management and clinical operations within a Federally Qualified Health Center.  During her tenure there, Jasmine developed systems to improve compliance, established data analysis standards to drive strategic growth initiatives, and implemented access to 340B clinic administered drugs at all eligible locations. Most recently, Jasmine was responsible for leading 340B integration during a corporate merger, ensuring a compliant and operational transition with an end result of more than 50 registered sites and numerous contract pharmacies. She was also a member of committees including Customer Service, Professional Development, P&T, and Quality. Areas of expertise include risk assessment and mitigation, program operations, contract pharmacy management, and program optimization. She looks forward to helping clients achieve their 340B compliance goals, as well as identifying opportunities to maximize savings!

Chelsea Magee, PharmD, BCPS, 340B ACE

Lead pharmacist auditor, provides onsite support for audits.  Chelsea has served as Inpatient Pharmacy Manager for 500+ bed DSH hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Pharmacy Operations Manager for a Federally Qualified Health Center in Bangor, Maine. In both roles, she was responsible for operational and integrated clinical pharmacy services. In Maine, she also served as Residency Director for the Community Pharmacy PGY1 Residency Program, and Residency Coordinator for the Health Systems Pharmacy Administration and Ambulatory Care PGY2 Residency Programs. Chelsea completed a rotation with the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor program during her Health Systems Pharmacy Administration Residency in which she contributed to the Contract Pharmacy sessions of 340B University; served as a faculty member at 340B University, speaking on In-House Pharmacy, Contract Pharmacy, and Hot Topics from 2016-2019; and has presented on 340B program operations and compliance at 340B Coalition.

Greg Wilson, PharmD, BCPS, 340B ACE

Lead pharmacist auditor, providing onsite and remote support for audits.  Greg has over 15 years of health care experience, serving in a variety of roles in hospital and health system pharmacy.  Most recently, Greg was the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Strategy at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), a large integrated delivery network based in Western Pennsylvania.  At UPMC, Greg was responsible for system-level oversight of formulary management, including coordination of the health system’s Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.  Greg was also responsible for organizing centralized support for UPMC 340B covered entities, with a focus on 340B program compliance, optimization, strategic planning, and advocacy.  During his tenure, UPMC experienced tremendous growth in terms of 340B program participation and financial performance, advancements in both internal and external auditing practices, and HRSA audit preparation.  Greg has spoken at regional and national forums and has hosted 340B Health round table events focusing on health-system pharmacy.  His perspective involves large health system and DSH 340B program administration, as well as clinical pharmacy practice.

Jonathan Walters, MBA, 340B ACE

Jonathan has 10 years of experience as a business/finance analyst and has worked in the 340B program with a pediatrics hospital for 3 years focusing on both compliance and financial optimization.  By using innovative analytics and process improvements Jonathan supported his team in implementing significant compliance improvements as well as calling out financial opportunities.  Now working with Turnkey and our Elevate340B service, he is looking forward to finding ways to add even more value for our clients.

Jim Moye, 340B Auditor

Jim Moye has been a pharmacy technician since 2003, with both retail and hospital pharmacy experience. Most recently, Jim served as the 340B Program Coordinator for Orlando Health, a statutory teaching hospital system with nearly 3,300 beds, where he revised the entities policies and procedures and implemented an internal audit process, which resulted in a successful HRSA audit. In addition to maintaining compliance of the 340B program through development of oversight procedures, he spearheaded the 340B Steering Committee at Orlando Health to facilitate communication and decision-making about pressing 340B issues. Jim has spoken about 340B at various conferences and events.

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Tanya Frederick, 340B ACE

In Memory of Tanya, you will forever be in our hearts and part of our Team. We miss you and Love you!