Creating Your Impact Profile and Why?

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Creating Your Impact Profile and Why?

With various pending federal legislation bills having “transparency” components, we feel it is prudent that all covered entities should have an Impact Profile. At the 340B Coalition meeting last month, a good definition of the Impact Profile was given as,

“It is a written elevator speech for your 340B program.”

I really like that definition, we should be able to accurately and concisely discuss: Who we serve, What kind of care is being provided, How 340B helps patients, and What would happen if 340B was taken away.
In addition, tell your story. The facts above are good, but what really can impact the person you are trying to educate is the story of actual patients and how they benefit. When I was a pharmacy director at a 340B DSH hospital, I would share the following story:
A young adult male patient in our Endocrinology clinic had an increase in his HgA1C (i.e., a marker for how well a patient’s diabetes is being controlled). A discussion with our pharmacist in the clinic identified that the patient was rationing his insulin toward the end of the month as he could not make his co-payment for his prescription. Because of 340B, we were able to provide this medication to the patient at a significantly reduced price, and he could not believe it, and he teared up as he thanked our staff. Three months later his follow-up visit showed his HgA1C was back inline and he was feeling better. Because of this, we started a 340B Charity Voucher program that provides this benefit to many more patients who needed help with their prescriptions, and as we looked at the data in aggregate, we were able to document a statistically significant decrease in these patient’s HgA1C measurements.

To help you create your Impact Profile, 340B Health has provided a really good resource.  Once you have created your Impact Profile, and maybe even have a story to share, then here comes the Why! 340B is under attack, and PhRMA is leveraging as many legislators and presidential contacts they have to either reduce or kill the 340B program. That is their goal! We need every covered entity to reach out to their federal senators and representative to share what 340B means to the people in their communities they represent. Please go to the 340B Health legislation page to see the anti-340B bills and ask your senators and representatives to oppose them. In addition, ask them for 5 minutes so you can share what 340B means to patients in your community. Then be ready to share your Impact Profile and your 2-minute Elevator Speech and remind them that this program costs taxpayers very little, but the impact on patient care is significant.

We can save 340B, but only if we all do our part. We can’t hope that 340B Health and other organizations will do it for us, we all need to carry the water!

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Rob Nahoopii, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

Experience as a Director of Pharmacy for a 400 bed DSH hospital (also served as a regional director of pharmacy). Rob has presented at many 340B University sessions and on the topic of 340B at numerous other conferences around the country. He has provided many external 340B audits for various covered entity types, and onsite support for multiple 340B HRSA audits. Rob is part of our 340B independent auditing team and also supports our maintenance clients and 340B implementation. His perspective is from front line pharmacy leadership and program compliance.

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