About Us

TurnKey is now a SpendMend Company



Our Mission: Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions delivers 340B compliance so that hospitals and clinics can focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Our Story: Years ago Rich Iverson, Rich Bucher and Rob Nahoopii attended a 340B Winter Coalition Conference together. We were sitting at a dinner table one of those conference nights discussing the complexity of 340B and the need for front line covered entity leaders to share what they were doing and more importantly how they were doing it.

Within a few months we started the 340B Program Blog, which we still write for today! We wrote on everything from contract pharmacy implementation to how we created financial assistance programs that led to improved patient outcomes, which was my aha! moment in 340B.

We started to receive requests for help and consulting from covered entities.  I remember being at a Studer conference. Studer helps hospitals improve on HCAHPS scores and other VBP metrics. The CEO of a small hospital and I were discussing 340B and he asked if I could come and help set-up his hospital, and that he would pay for our time.

We then started Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions to support hospitals that needed 340B support. Over time we have been able to identify where we can help the most.  340B compliance and independent audits completed by a team that has actually managed a 340B covered entity, are vendor neutral (and not a vendor themselves), and who have experienced a HRSA audit is a much needed service.  I remember when we first set-up my 400-bed DSH hospital, we paid a lot of money, over $60K, and we did not receive any contract pharmacy set-up, policies and procedures, or any audit and compliance documents.

Our Experience: We gained our 340B knowledge and expertise working for a 22 hospital health-system. Our team was initially brought together to implement the 340B program at our hospital systems.  Throughout this process, we learned that there is a huge need for front line pharmacy leadership like ourselves to share and help fellow pharmacy managers and directors better understand how to safely and efficiently implement the 340B program.

Over time we have realized that completing  340B compliance and independent audits by people who have actually managed a 340B covered entity, are vendor neutral and not a vendor themselves, and who have experienced a HRSA audit, is a much needed service and we are here to help!

We have provided numerous 340B independent audits for covered entities and have been on-site to support covered entities through HRSA 340B Audits. The combination of our experience creates an ideal team for creating and providing solutions to a hospital or clinic’s most problematic 340B processes. We invite you to meet our team so you can get to know us a little better.

“Our mission today is the same as it was when we started, to help covered entities improve their 340B program by sharing our experiences and expertise.”

-Rob Nahoopii, co-Founder of Turnkey