340B University & Happy Holidays

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340B University & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy HolidaysDespite our crazy travel schedule lately, I was able to carve out a weekend to attend 340B University in Anaheim, California on December 7th. 340B University is sponsored by Apexus, who is the prime vendor for the 340B program. Apexus’ mission is to leverage their resources and expertise to deliver maximum value to 340B stakeholders, as well as to contract for the lowest sub-ceiling drug prices. Plus, it is free to attend!! I strongly encourage all 340B Stakeholders to attend this at least once, or even better once a year.

Rob Nahoopii, Turnkey’s illustrious CEO, is on the 340B University faculty, and gets to present on various topics 5 or 6 times a year. There always seems to be a little friendly competition among the faculty to see who can grade out the highest. Not surprisingly, Rob frequently comes out on top!

Although the presentations generally cover the basics of the program, each time I go, I feel that I learn something new. Since my background is Finance related, I enjoy the discussions about 340B pricing. Several panel members remind us that the 340B price is one of the most difficult formulas used in the crazy world of pharmaceutical pricing.

Another interesting discussion centered on auditing. One scenario that was asked was if a covered entities Internal Audit department was sufficient to conduct audits. Both panel members like the idea of having internal audit help, but both highly recommended a fresh set of eyes to review your program, and bring in a competent, external company to review your program.

Rob and I are on a plane now, coming back from an audit of 3 covered entities in North Carolina. It certainly has been a crazy year. We have truly enjoyed meeting new people, seeing new places, and sharing our knowledge of the 340B program. This year, we have completed over 40 audits, and have visited 20 states. If we can be of assistance in your 340B journey, please reach out to us. From all of us at Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, we wish you all Happy Holidays!!

Rich Iverson


Rob, PharmD, MS

December 30, 2014at 9:13 am

Okay, so I feel I should add a little to the 340B University discussion. I do agree with Rich that everyone should attend at least one a year. About the friendly competition on scores. One great thing about presenting is that for ACPE CE credits, an evaluation is required. So all presenters end up with a score for each area they present in. I am always trying to improve my presentation and to share pearls I have learned in my 340B journey and to make 340B interesting (no small feat, let me tell you). So yes, there are a few presenters that do look at the scores and are always trying to do the best they can. So, if you are attending 340B University, please know that we do care a lot about your thoughts and scores of how we did and we always want to improve. I would also like to say Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all of you who come to the blog, Aloha – Rob

Nicholas Opalich

December 30, 2014at 9:49 am

Rob, thank you for the continued good material on a very complex topic. When I listen and hear executives involved discussing 340b always reminds me how little many of us really understand 340b.

I’ve have a client who went through a 340b audit and the feedback was how extensively thorough HSRA ran the process. I think HRSA audits are going to catch a few entities sleeping. From what I’ve have heard it is best to sum things up this way, cross your T’s and dot your I’s HRSA painfully examines everything down to the most minute items. Beware, establishing a qualified patient, physician and prescription will be examined with razor blades.


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