340B Auditing

Are you utilizing the 340B program, but are unsure if you are meeting the OPA’s expectations for auditing and controls? Does the thought of an OPA Audit make you a little uneasy? We are here to help.

Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions has significant experience (i.e., 780 annual independent 340B audits and 50 HRSA audit onsite supports to date) in providing external 340B program audits and assisting with pre-HRSA audit preparation (after a covered entity receives their HRSA audit letter).  Our recommendation is to have your 340B program reviewed and audited prior to receiving your HRSA audit engagement letter, but we are here to help in either case.  As part of our auditing process, we mimic the HRSA audit to see how you would do if it were an actual audit.  We then take it to the next level and review additional opportunities for compliance and optimization.

This will include:

  • A review of your current policies and procedures
  • A review of your internal self-auditing and program compliance
  • Compliance testing for:
    • Diversion
    • Duplicate Discount
    • Registration/OPAIS information, with MCR, EHB, or grant (whichever is applicable) review and comparison
    • GPO Prohibition/Orphan Drug Exclusion (as needed)
    • Contract Pharmacy contract review and assessment
  • A complete write-up of reviewed processes, results, and recommendations
  • Education on the 340B program for staff along with a mechanism to track education

We provide pricing options based on complexity and size of your facility and scope of contract pharmacy utilization. We will need to know more about your facility in order to provide a specific quote, please call us at 385-722-4340, email us at contact@turnkeyrxsol.com, or  Contact us.